elicon performs….


·         Access Control, Secure Control (assembling, installation, cabling, termination) 

·         Acoustic enclosures (cabling, termination, assembling of electrical devices) 

·         Air conditions and cooling systems 

·         Air piping and air systems for instruments 

·         Assemble of cable trays and cable tray systems 

·         Assembling of electrical and instrumentation devices 

·         Assembling of electrical cabinets (MCC’s, PLC’s, operator panels, junction boxes etc.) 

·         Batteries, UPS – backup systems 

·         Building services, domestic engineering 

·         Bus- and communication systems 

·         Bus bars, conductor rails, power supplies for movable parts 

·         Cable chain, trailing chain, drag chain, cable track 

·         Cable management 

·         Cabling, cable laying, cable pulling (FO-, Bus,- Signal,- Power,- high voltage cables) 

·         Calibration of field devices 

·         CCTV – systems (assembling, cabling, termination) 

·         Co2 and water – firefighting systems (assembling, cabling, termination) 

·         Cold test of instrumentation and sensors 

·         Commissioning – assistance 

·         Concrete/foundation – groundings 

·         Conduit – assembling 

·         Conveyors, conveyor belts, roller conveyors, screw-conveyor, chutes, cyclones, vibrators 

·         Cranes (cabling and termination) 

·         Dismantling of industrial machines and plants 

·         Disposal and recycling of waste and reusable material 

·         Docu – control 

·         Electrical measurements with or without protocols 

·         Electrical motors (assembling, dismantling, maintenance, testing etc.) 

·         Emergency diesel 

·         Emergency lights, emergency light systems 

·         Fibre optic cables 

·         Fire detecting and fire alarm systems (assembling, cabling, termination) 

·         GCB – generator circuit breaker (assembling, cabling, termination) 

·         Generator (cabling, termination, assembling in some circumstances) 

·         Grounding- and earthing Systems 

·         Heat exchanger & systems 

·         Heat tracing (electrical or steam pipe heating) 

·         Heating and heating systems 

·         Hook up’s 

·         HSE (health, safety, environment - monitoring and recording) 

·         Hydraulic units / aggregate 

·         I/O – Checks 

·         IBD – isolated bus duct – systems 

·         Impulse lining 

·         Inspection works 

·         Instrument protection boxes 

·         Instrumentation devices 

·         Instrumentations 

·         Insulation – Tests 

·         Inventory / surveying 

·         Lighting & lighting systems 

·         Lightning protection 

·         Loop impendance 

·         Low voltage systems 

·         Machine relocations 

·         Manpower (organization, manage, administrate, lead, monitoring, support, supervision) 

·         Marking and labelling of electrical cabinets, electrical devices, instrumentation devices, consumables) 

·         Marking of cables and wires 

·         Marking of plants (Labelling) 

·         Material handling 

·         Middle voltage systems 

·         Modification works inside electrical cabinets 

·         Network systems 

·         Planning and assembling of cable way systems (cable trays, conduits, cable ladders, risers) 

·         Planning and assembling of electrical conduits 

·         Plant – maintenance 

·         Pneumatic systems 

·         Positioning of electrical and instrumentation devices, equipment’s, cabinets, RIO – cabinet’s junction boxes etc. 

·         Potential equalization 

·         Process control (assembling) 

·         Project and feasibility analysis 

·         Protocol and protocol systems (preparation, managing, monitoring, collecting) 

·         Pumps & pumpsystems 

·         Quality management and Quality protection 

·         Red Lining, As Build, Red Correx 

·         Relocations 

·         Relocations of machines and plants 

·         Revisions and maintenance 

·         RIO – cabinets, panels and boxes (assembling, cabling, terminations) 

·         Rotationtest (motors) 

·         Safety devices and safety systems 

·         Safety fences, safety barriers, safety zones 

·         Sample taking racks and analysis racks (assembling, piping, cabling, termination) 

·         Skids, modules, units 

·         Switch cabinet and switch board construction 

·         Switchgear and controlgear systems (also in containers) 

·         Technical design (support/help) 

·         Telecommunication 

·         Temporaries 

·         Temporary power supplies and lighting systems 

·         Termi Point 

·         Termination works (bus-, signal- and power cables) 

·         Thermal Oil Systems 

·         Tools & machines (organization, handling, managing) 

·         Transformers (cabling, termination, assembling in some circumstances) 

·         Transmitter protection boxes (indoor/outdoor) 

·         Vacuum – sytems 

·         Ventilation systems, exhaust- and waste air systems 

·         Wiring and termination



We would like to organize and coordinate specialists and companies for e.g. fiber optic splices, programming, high and medium voltage connections, commissioning, commissioning assistance, safety expert, quality assurance, fire protection, mechanical assembly, pipe-, machine- and steel construction, painting, Crane and lifting works, earthmoving, civil engineering - companies, transports, special or heavy haulage transports and abnormal wide load – transports, scaffoldings etc.