CCPP (GUD) combined cycle power plants, gas fired, diesel fired, coal fired – power plants; hydropower plants (run-of-river, storage / reservoirs, pumped storage), biomass plant and nuclear power plants. Generators, generator leads, IPB- bus duct, GCB generator circuit breaker, GLAC & GNAC, transformers, High-voltage switchgear, heat recovery boiler, HRSG (heat recovery steam generator), cooling plants. Auxiliary plants (emergency systems, fuel gas, lube oil, hydraulic, lubrication and jacking oil systems, pneumatic, instrument air, electrical trace heating, hydrogen- and nitrogen systems, CO² - firefighting systems etc.)



petroleum, gas and bio refineries, rectification and distillation column, vaporizer, condenser, pump and filter units, tank farm, etc. Auxiliary plants (emergency systems, hydraulic, instrumentation-air systems, pneumatic, firefighting systems etc.)



biomass plant, recycling plants, wastewater treatment plants, waste material recovery and reusable material waste plants, incinerator, sorting plants, composting plants, filter units, biogas plants, electric filter, slag and dust processing etc. See also „logistic, storage & conveying systems“.  Auxiliary plants (hydraulic, pneumatic, ventilation, water supply – plants etc.) refighting systems etc.)