Dear Madam, dear Sir, dear customer!



The company name “elicon” consists of the following word-text combination:


                                     electrical -


                                     instrumentation and







…because that is what elicon stands for!  Electrical engineering, instrumentation and control technology in all areas of industry.


elicon-GmbH was founded in February 2016, and therefore it is still a rather young establishment. Nevertheless, this new name “elicon” conceals staff with more than 20 years of professional and installation experience!


This experience is a matter of innumerable completed projects in various sectors of the world’s biggest and most leading companies in the areas of engineering, apparatus construction, plant engineering, installation and planning of electrical engineering, instrumentation and control technology.


In all these projects we shared a common path to a certain extent with customers, employees, companies and departments, in order to perform all arising tasks, as well as to overcome obstacles and solve problems as fast as possible and at the best, so in the end we can reach the common project goals and a balanced satisfaction of all parties. The reputable end customers come from almost all different sectors, and they are the “global players” of the industrial manufacturing/production.


We focus on the following eight sections, in which we have been active so far, and in which we have been able to gain extensive experience, which again benefits our future customers: 


                  ·         paper, pulp & packaging

                  ·         energy, petroleum & environment

                  ·         wood & chipboards

                  ·         logistics, bearing technology and conveyance

                  ·         automotive industry & engineering

                  ·         steel & metallurgy

                  ·         pharmaceutical and food industry

                  ·         mining & production of raw materials


Please take a look at our references in the different branches for this.


Certainly, all positive project conclusions up to this point have not only effected satisfaction of the customer, or rather the end customer, but also a certain pride on our part. Nevertheless, we will not rest on our laurels, but rather follow this path of success under the name “elicon”. Also in the future we want to be your partner for demanding tasks in the sector of engineering, instrumentation and control technology.



elicon is flexible and always up for new tasks. We would be pleased to gain experience in sectors, in which up to the present we have not been working at all, or only to a little extent. We accept the challenge!



„Coming together is a beginning;  


 keeping together is progress;  


 working together is success.“


Henry Ford
American industrialist
* 30.07.1863, † 07.04.1947



In order to reach all of that, we have raised the bar to a high level.

Our values speak for themselves and they are key to success. For the success of our customers and ourselves:


The clear project goal of elicon-GmbH is our company philosophy, and it is a fixed component of each employee. They were not determined to decorate our homepage, but to complete our projects positively, to gain customers’ satisfaction and to gather follow-up orders.


elicon-GmbH is not seen as component supplier, subcontractor, competitor, or even rival, but as a partner for now and the future. A partner that works together with his customers, and moves into the same direction with them – from the beginning until the achievement of the project goals – or even further, upon your request.



All companies act in concert with their customers.


elicon too – but into the same direction!